We Setup and Manage Your Social Media

From crafting compelling visuals and copywriting to implementing strategic hashtags and scheduling posts for optimal engagement times, we’ll ensure that your content stands out in the crowded digital landscape.

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Why Choose Our Product

Multiple Platforms

We find where your customers like to hang out and target that platform with content that resonates with that audience.

Picture Perfect

We design every graphic to fit within the frame so you know every image is carefully crafted to suit the medium in which it is viewed.


We put together statistics that help you keep track of the progress. We want to share with you growth in new followers, engagement and all that good stuff.

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Fast Results

We know that results matter to you but so does your time. Whether you're working with an existing account or want to create a new one, we can help you achieve results quickly.

How it works

Social Selling

The secret to social media isn’t so secret.

It’s all about CONSISTENCY.

So you need to post something every other day?

Yes, only accounts with regular content improve their reach incrementally.

That sounds like a lot of work, you’re probably already far too busy.

Don’t worry, let us take care of it for you and even create all the content for you – everything from copy to videos to landing pages and everything in between.

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We can offer stunning visuals that make your posts pop. By integrating short-form video, you can instantly capture your audience's attention.


Social Media Marvels

Social media isn't just about cute shiba inu memes (although we love those too).It's a powerful tool to connect, engage, and convert your audience. And guess what? We're the wizards who can make your brand the star of every platform.

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Measure Twice, Post Once

We realise that you may want oversight over your social media account. You want to know what's going to be posted before it happens.That's why we'll share with you a post schedule in advance.

How it works

Why Foxdog?

Social media is one of our specialities. We achieve great results partly due to our creative direction. 

For example, we regularly make use of AI to turn images to videos, text to videos and other kinds of videos…I guess we like videos?

We’re so confident you’ll like what we can do, we’ll supply you with some examples tailored to your business to give you a taste – just click the button below to make the request.


Our Facebook aficionados will turn your page into a social sensation. We’ll craft posts that make people hit the like button faster than you can say “friend request accepted.” It’s not just about likes; it’s about building a community.


Instagram is all about visuals, and we’ve got the art of storytelling through images down to a science. From stunning photos to engaging Stories, your brand will shine brighter than a filter on a sunset pic.

X (Formerly Twitter)

In the world of Twitter, brevity is key. Our tweet-tailors will craft concise yet compelling messages that keep your followers engaged and coming back for more. We’ll make your brand trend like it’s the latest viral meme.

LinkedIn: The Professional Powerhouse

LinkedIn isn’t just for job seekers; it’s a goldmine for B2B connections. We’ll help you build a professional presence, engage with industry leaders, and turn connections into opportunities. Your brand will be the talk of the boardroom.


Pinterest is where creativity meets discovery. Our pinning pros will create boards that inspire and engage your audience. Your brand will be the muse for DIY enthusiasts, wanderlust travelers, and recipe seekers alike.

TikTok: Dancing to Digital Success

TikTok is all about fun, and we’re here to make your brand the life of the digital dance party. 

YouTube: Lights, Camera, Action!

Video is king on YouTube, and we’re the directors of your brand’s blockbuster.

The Foxdog Promise

We know social media can be a jungle, but we’re here to make it feel like a walk in the digital park. Our team is not just social media experts; we’re also creative, approachable, and ready to turn your brand into a social media superstar.

Ready to Rule the Kingdom?

If you’re ready to make your brand the talk of the social media town, contact Foxdog Marketing today. Let’s turn your social media channels into a digital playground where engagement, fun, and results reign supreme. Your brand’s journey to social media stardom starts here! 

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